Enrique Iglesias? Didn’t He Die?

Enrique Iglesias is back for some reason.  Releasing his recent album ‘Euphoria’ earlier this month, and apparently he is going to go do some nude water skiing here soon *PUBLICITY STUNT*.  It really is sickening if you think about it, just released his new album and then goes on CBS announcing that he ‘bet’ his ‘friend’ that if Spain won the World Cup he would go water skiing nude.  Fucking right!? 

I mean, as I displayed before…pop musicians don’t pull these kinds of stunts for publicity, do they?  So of course this is a simple bet from a friend.  My only question is what kind of bet is that?  I mean really, how many of you have put your friends on the spot saying “if the Patriots win the Super Bowl you have to go nude water skiing!”  Right…exactly.  This entire thing screams publicity stunt to me.

Pop music is becoming sickening these days, if we don’t try to kill pop music now there is no telling what affect these kinds of mindless stunts are going to have on children! 

Death to pop!  Pop music must die!  These are chants we should be hearing through the streets!


2 Responses to “Enrique Iglesias? Didn’t He Die?”

  1. Any follow up on this story? Ever find any nude water skiing pictures? I fail to see the problem with this “stunt”. Please post pix! :-p

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