Runner Runner…What The…

A new pop rock quintet has hit into the news, Runner Runner…apparently a name they pulled off a board when trying to figure out a new name for their *squee* BOY BAND!  For fuck sake, so they decided on ‘Runner Runner’ due to the poker game Texas Hold ’em…”against all odds” or some shit.  So this new up-and-coming boy band used to rock out to punk music, one of them even rides motorcycles (he’s the bad boy of the band I bet).

We are losing the battle against pop music, people!  How can we allow such injustice upon our music business as letting a new boy band come onto the scene and mix pop with rock calling themselves ‘pop rock?!’  How?!

Mix with cola and we may have the death of pop, who knows, or they would pull some childish stunt and run around like manic, crazed people.

Death to pop, always here…trying to kill pop.


4 Responses to “Runner Runner…What The…”

  1. Oh groan another boy band from a rich LA community. They aren’t even cute.
    Oh wait, I take it back, that one is kewl cuz he’s on the verge of becoming a professional poker player because he took 3rd in the Brad Garret celebrity tournament?????

  2. That is out and around you…isn’t it? Six or so hours away. Haha.
    Are all LA groups this bad though?

    • 8 hours. Not far enough! Not all are this bad. Sublime, System of a Down, NWA, Metallica, Maroon 5, should I keep going?

      • Well, where the hell are they at now? Still good bands, but why aren’t anymore popping up in LA?

        Look at the bright side though, you’re only 8 hours away from ‘Runner Runner.’ Haha.

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